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Oh noes the boring, serious stuff!

I’m just a simple, everyday, average girl that’s extremely passionate about the cosmetic world and enjoys writing about makeup, skincare, and other bits and bobs.

What’s does this mean?

It means anything I choose to review here at Makeup Artistry is based on my own personal experiences with a product. This means what I love, you might not love or what I hate, you may adore! Everyone is different and that’s what makes this fine world go around. Different strokes, for different folks.

I Am Not Liable…..

Results may vary on makeup, skincare, or bath and body items I review. Please keep in mind I am not liable for any problems that should arise from trying out a product I review here. If you break out in a rash, have a bad hair day, or end up with dry skin I’m not responsible for these problems. Please use any and all cosmetics or items featured on my blog with caution and safety in mind, no ingesting lipstick because it smells nice!

Reviews, Opinions, Babbling, and Advertisement

All my reviews, opinions, and other general babblings expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. I am not paid for my reviews, I do not get a pay check for any of the work and writings you see here aside from the ad network I am a part of, I have a full time job and blogging is not it. Anything discussed on this site is expressed as my own opinion and I reserve the right to my own opinion when discussing cosmetics, products, or anything else I choose to babble as this is a personal weblog. Any links embedded in my posts are not affiliate links so I do not get paid if you click them or purchase a product. I receive no commission from these links or any purchases you make. They are simply links to point you in the direction of where a product can be purchased or looked at closer should you desire to learn more about it. Although I have no plans to do so now I reserve the right to include an affiliate link in future posts if I desire it however you will be alerted within said post if it includes an affiliate.

Images Used On This Site

Occasionally images found on the web and believed to be in the public domain are used on this site. I don’t claim to be the owner of such images. All visual content are copyrighted to their respectful owner. If you are the owner of an image and want it removed, please, email me and I will do so as soon as possible.

Review Products, Purchases, Gifts, Press Samples, and Freebies

75% of the cosmetics you see reviewed on Makeup Artistry are purchased with my own hard earned cash. About 25% are given to me from various companies for review. Just because I am given a product for reviews DOES NOT mean I rave about it. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. Another words just because it’s free does not mean it gets a glowing, raving review. There are no free rides here.

If it’s good expect many raves. If it’s bad expect some major rants.

Rest assured you’ll only ever get my truest opinion on everything that’s featured in a review here.

Product reviews will include a footer at the end of each posting whether the item discussed was purchased or provided as a press sample for review purposes by a PR company or brand.

Your Comments, Your Opinions, Your Views

You’re always welcome to use my comment box to post about anything you’re thinking or feeling about a product. My comments are carefully moderated and each one is answered by me personally. If your comment doesn’t appear right away, sit back, relax, and I will get to it and reply as soon as possible.

Comments left by readers do not reflect the views of the editor.

I’ve been blogging over a year or so now and about 99% of the people that visit me here are truly awesome but on occasion I do run into the 1% that wish to use my comment box as a breeding ground to insult me or throw around generally mean spirited comments. I don’t like to delete comments however if I feel your comment is rude, insulting, or just plain mean it will be deleted. If you want to act like a troll you’re entitled to do so but I haven’t the patience or the time for trolls and you will be treated accordingly, in simple terms, you’ll be ignored. My comment box is ALWAYS open to your view on products or just for general discussion on either a product or anything else. I look forward to speaking to you soon within it!

Errors, Grammar, Spelling, and Mistakes

On a side note I’d like to mention that I do occasionally make grammatical errors, typos, or have a spelling hiccup here or there. I’m not perfect and I happen to be a very busy person so on a occasion you may run across some of the problems I listed above. Please don’t decide to litter my inbox or my comment box with helpful “criticisms” about this issue. My blog isn’t a college thesis so I’m not looking to score aces on it or wow my professor with my awesome spelling and grammar skills. Part of being the Makeup Artistry is not being perfect which means I do apology for my errors but they will crop up from time to time! Please excuse them when they do prop up and kindly do not take to correcting me in the comment field about what I am or am not spelling correctly or what I am or am not saying correctly. I happen to type way faster than I think so this problem will arise on occasion.